My Convos Pitch

Hey Team Metrix!! I recently entered the Convos Pitch competition. Convos is a new app created by rapper, entrepreneur, and investor Chamillionaire to bring together a community of creatives. Make sure to check out the app! Thank you #Convos for this opportunity ! Here is my pitch below. Here is the link to the app


Literacy Campaign

Our goal for the #TeamMetrix literacy campaign is to inspire kids and grownups to read! Please join us on our road to 1 million books! In just 3 easy steps you can be a part of our team as a literacy ambassador. As always, we thank you for your support. GO TEAM METRIX!


Metrix is Chicago’s New Hero. He has the power to control the wind. Metrix’s real name is Electrie Chapman. He lives in Chicago with his mom and grandpa. When he is not busy being a hero he spends time with his best friend Quent.

In real life he works as a cool Cop for the Chicago Police Department and a great volunteer firefighter. He also coaches a baseball team, and he’s youth mentor.

Even though he is a super hero, his mom still makes him go grocery shopping for her. Just like a regular guy.

Legendary Kingdom

Legendary Kingdom is a Kingdom filled with different superheroes and villains. The heroes fight an endless battle for peace. The villains are dedicated to terrorizing the world!
In Legendary Kingdom, there are power sources called Quilient Chips. The villains try to steal the chips to use their power to destroy the world. By capturing the Quilient chips, villains can use them to “instructerate” their weapons making them powerful and unstoppable. Some of the villains you’ll see on a quest to gain the power to destroy everything are: Death Killer, Antique, Carbon, The Manipulator, and Banisher just to name a few.
Some of the heroes who will defend the Kingdom are: Titanium, Sun Recycler, Night Fist, Red Slasher, Barrona, and much more!
The Legendary Kingdom is coming soon!!

Meet The Artist, Author, Illustrator

Hey I’m Christian Adrian the creator of Metrix.
I created Metrix in 2016. I am 13 years old and I’ve always liked to draw. Metrix was my first superhero.
I am a gamer, baseball player, and youtuber! I eventually want to play tennis and golf.
I was inspired to make art by playing video games, watching anime, and watching Marvel and DC movies.
I am working to build a franchise around Metrix and Legendary Kingdom that includes toys, cartoons, video games and much more.
Stay tuned for more exciting new characters!